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Pappi Corsicato was born in Naples, on June 12, 1960. He studied architecture. In 1980 he moved to New York and studied dance and choreography at the Alvin Alley Dance School, acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and then with Geraldine Baron, member of the Actor's Studio.
In 1989 worked as assistant director with Pedro Almodovar on the set of “Atame”( Tie me up tie me down).
In '92 he shot his  first movie “Libera”,  was shown at the Berlin Film Festival of '93, where it received national and international critical acclaim, as well as a resounding response from the public. The film was included in various festivals and was sold throughout most of the world. In France it was entitled “Les napolitans”. It won the Grolla d'Oro at Saint Vincent, the Golden Globe of the Foreign Press, a Nastro d'Argento and a Ciak d'Oro.
In '95, his second film “I Buchi Neri” (Black Holes) was shown at the Venice Film Festival under the section “Venetian Nights” and was requested by other important international festivals.
In '97, he joined Martone, Capuano, Incerti and De Lillo in the collective film work “The Vesuvians” (Iana's Ancestry) which was chosen for the Venice Film Festival in competition.
In 2000 he staged the opera “Carmen" at the San Carlo Opera House in Naples.
In 2001 he shot “Chimera” which is chosen to participate in the Montreal Film Festival and received a Grolla d'Oro for best photography.
In 2006 he staged the opera “The human voice” at Ravello Festival .
In 2008, he shot “Il seme della discordia” (The Seed of Discord) which was selected to compete at the Venice Film Festival.
In 2009 the documentary on the publicist Armando Testa “Povero ma moderno” was  selected as a Special Event under the Horizons Section of the Venice Film Festival
From 1994 to date, he has created more than 40 videos centered on contemporary art and such artists as Kounellis, Serra, Gilbert and George, Kapoor, Merz, etc. Many of these works have received recognition and awards at international festivals, along with dedicated exhibits, including among others, London's Modern Tate Museum and the Centre Pompidou of Paris.
2011 - He is currently working on the post-production stage of his latest film “Il volto di un altra” (The Face of Another Woman)


“Libera” (1993)  selected at Berlin Film Festival, London Film Festival, and many others
“I buchi neri” (Black Holes) (1995) selected at the Venice Film Festival
“La stirpe di Iana” “I Vesuviani” (The Vesuvians) (1997) selected to compite at the Venice  Film Festival
“Chimera” (2001) selected to compite at the Motreal International Festival
“Il Seme della Discordia” (The Seed of Discord) (2008) selected to compete at the Venice Film Festival
“Il volto di un’altra” ( The face of another woman) in post production


 “Too Short for Sky” 10mm film short produced by and for Sky (2004)
“La Voce Umana” (The Human Voice), 30mm freely based on the same titled theatrical play by J.C. 2007
“QUESTIONI DI GUSTI” 11mm produced by Pasta Garifalo 2009


Carmen at the San Carlo Opera Theatre in Naples conducted by Daniel Oren (2000)
“La Voce Umana” (The Human Voice) scored by Poulenc, libretto J. C. (2007)


“Armando Testa, Povero ma Moderno” (Poor but Modern) (2009) selected as a Special Event under the Horizons Section of the Venice Film Festival.
“Questi Fantasmi” (These Ghosts) by Eduardo De Filippo, with John Turturro, Mercadante Theatre, Naples.
"Argento Puro" (Pure Argento) back stage on the film Nitrato d'Argento (Silver Nitrate) directed by Marco Ferreri
“Argento and Pappi” documentary - interview with Dario Argento for Rai Sat Cinema

Documentaries on modern art:

Many of these documentaries were invited to a wide selection of festivals as well as national and international museums, among which, the Tate Modern, The Centre Pompidou, and others. "Around" won an award at The Films about Art Festival in Montreal (Canada) in 2005, and was hailed the best documentary about Art at the Bressanone Doc Festival in 2006.

1. LA MONTAGNA DI SALE (The Mountain of Salt) - MIMMO PALADINO (1995) images of the exhibition of the works of M. Palladino, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
2. OFFERTORIO KOUNELLIS (Offertory Kounellis) (1996) images of the installation of the works of J. Kounellis, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
3. I COLORI DELLA CITTÀ CELESTE - (The Colors of the Celestial City) MARIO MERZ (1998) images of the installation of works by M. Merz, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
4. LE HEAUME ENCHANTE' - MIMMO PALADINO (1998) various images of the works of M. Paladino in Poggiobonsi
5. GILBERT AND GEORGE (1998) images of the exhibit and interview with G and G, Naples, Museum of Capodimonte
6. LE STELLE DEL CANYO: (The Stars of Canyo) GILBERTO ZORIO (1998) images of the works by G. Zorio, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
7. DA UN MOMENTO ALL'ALTRO: (From one Moment to the Next) GIULIO PAOLINI (1999) images of the works by G. Paolini, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
8.GIROTONDO DI CAPRICCIO: (Ring Around of Caprice) LUIGI ONTANI (1999) exhibit of the works by L. Ontani at the Gallery No Code di Bologna (No Queues in Bologna) and interview at the artist's home
9. TRIBUTE 21 RAUSCHENBERG (1999) images of the installation of the works of Rauschenberg and interview with the artist, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
10. TARANTANTARA: HANISH KAPOOR (2000) images of the installation of the works of H. Kapoor, and interview, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito
11. I DORMIENTI: (The Sleepers) BRIAN ENO and M. PALADINO (2000) images of the installation at Round House of London and interview with B. Eno, composer
12. MERCATI DI TRAIANO: (Markets of Trajan) TRICHARD SERRA (2000) images of the installation of works and interview with R.Serra, Rome, Trajan's Market
13. CONTACTO PASSIONAL, FIRST BIENNIAL OF ART OF VALENCIA (2001) images of the installation of the works and interviews with various artists, First Biennial of Art of Valencia
14. TUTTO NERO BY ANTONIO BIASIUCCI (2002) images, photographs and interviews of A. Biasiucci
15. SI DICI PITTORE (2000- 2001) images of the works and interview with D. Bianchi
16. AVVISO AI NAVIGANTI (2000- 2001) images of intallations of the works and interview with Sergio Fermariello - 25 mins
17. TATA ROBESPIERRE (2000-2001) images of the works of  Tata Fiore
18. FROM ANOTHER PLANET EARTH : REBECCA HORN (2002)three works in New York, Paris and Naples, interviews and images of the three R. Horn exhibitions.
19. VIDEO ON TOM FRIEDMAN AT THE PRADA FOUNDATION (2002) images of the exhibition and interview with T. Friedman, Prada Foundation, Milan.
20. AROUND  di  RICHARD SERRA: PIAZZA PLEBISCITO (2003) images of installation of the work by R.Serra, Naples  Piazza Plebiscito  Special mention from the jury Festival sur l’art de Montral, Canada
21. TRIENNALE AT THE CHARTERHOUSE OF PADUA (2002-2004) images of three exhibitions and interviews with various artists
22. VIDEO ON GREGORY CREWDSON  (2002) images of the New York and Modena exhibitions and interviews with the photographer G. Crewdson 20 mins
23.  DRAMA FAIRYTALE,  on the work of Mimmo Paladino (2005) with text by Enzo Moscato narrated by Remo Girone
24. IN A BLACK AND WHITE  WORLD MURDER BRINGS A TOUCH OF COLOR, (2005)  documentary on the photographer Paul Thorel
25. SOL LEWITT, (2005-2006) Napoli, Piazza Plebiscito
26. Annali delle Arti, EVENTS ON A J. KOUNELLIS EXIBITION, (2006) M.A.D. R.E Museum, Naples.
27. ETTORE SPALLETTI: RITRATTO ,  (2007) Festival sur l’art de Motreal, Canada  ARTFIFA
28 Luigi Ontani a l Museo di Capodimonte   ( 2009) selected for the 2010 Venice Festival
29 Restoring the “B” doc on the restoration of Barberini’s Building 2010.

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